Healing Abutments CS

Healing Abutments - Conical Standard Connection (CS) 

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Healing Abutments - Conical Standard Connection (CS) 

for NeO CS 

  • Concaved design promoting better soft tissue healing for long-term esthetical results*.
  • Five healing abutments for different cuff heights.
  • Laser marking for easy diameter and height identification.
  • Perfect match with abutment cuff height design.


A= diameter

C= height

Choosing the correct healing abutment

  • The healing abutment should be chosen according to the given gingival height. The healing abutment concaved area varies from 1.5 to 5.5 mm, with a constant straight top of 1.5 mm suitable for most clinical situations.
  • The healing abutment should protrude from the soft tissue margin, as shown.



Broadening of the soft tissue

  • If broadening of the soft tissue is required, it is possible to use a slim healing abutment (Ø 4.0 mm) first, and then switch to a standard or wide healing abutment (Ø 4.9 or Ø 6.2 mm), according to the clinical requirements.



  •  All prosthetic parts match in their design, thus enhancing the long-term stability of the soft tissue for better esthetic results.
  •  Various heights and width options are available for different gingival indications.
  •  CS products are color-coded in green .
  •  Advanced design supports platform switching.


* Rompen, Eric, et al. “Soft tissue stability at the facial aspect of gingivally converging abutments in the esthetic zone: a pilot clinical study.” The Journal of prosthetic dentistry 97.6 (2007): S119-S125.

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CS - Conical Standard Connection


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