General Terms and Conditions
Technical/Clinical results are subjected to many variants inflicted by the different systems and technologies participating in the process. Therefore, strict observation of instructions for use, indications and technical limitations suggested by all parties involved is crucial for obtaining required results. The parts are subjected to further development. Therefore, we reserve the right to carry out any product modification without prior notice. Dental skills and knowhow of dental CAD/CAM use are required.

Storage and Handling
The products have to be inspected prior usage. Devices should be stored at room temperature. Special care should be taken with the handling of the scan bodies to avoid any mechanical damage. Store scan bodies separately to avoid crushing.

Procedural Precautions
All products are provided in a non-sterile condition. Before use, sterilize in an autoclave, subject to the manufacturer’s instructions, at a temperature of 132°C or 7 minutes and then dry for another 10 minutes.

Suggested Workflow:
1. Scan intra orally or on your model.
2. For scanning, use Alpha Bio’s original Sirona compatible Ti-Bases and/or Scan Posts with Sirona’s original scan bodies size L (Sirona’s Ref 64 31 329 for Omnicam or 64 31 303 for Bluecam).  
3.On your CAD software library choose Zimmer Tapered Screw Vent 3.5mm platform.
4. Follow Sirona’s standard instructions for CAD design of your restoration.
5. Use standard L blocks or equivalent for milling your abutment.
6. Cement Alpha-Bio Tec’s original Ti-Base to the milled and sintered block using the manufacturer’s cementation  instructions.


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