17° Angled Abutments - Multi Unit - IH

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17° angled abutment for AlphaUniverse MultiUnit Abutment System

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17° Angled Abutments  

Available in 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5 mm heights. To be used :

• For multiple unit restoration

• For aligning tilted implants

• For fixed screw-retained restorations


Note : Use a 1.25 mm insertion tool. Use 30 Ncm to tighten the abutment screw


The prosthetic parts from the new advanced screw-retained line by Alpha-Bio Tec are easy to use, provide long term stability and designed to maintain the health of the soft tissue.

• A one-piece design makes the restoration procedure even simpler and enables dental professionals to use the system for various clinical procedures: in the maxilla and mandible areas, single tooth, partial or full edentulous jaw.

• A wide prosthetic platform enables the use of thicker porcelain crowns at the final restoration stage for stronger and higher esthetic results.

• The well-proven current platform remains the same, allowing the use of the same restoration parts (such as: transfers, healing abutments, casting sleeves, etc.).


The AlphaUniverse Multi Unit abutment system is intended for use in cases where implant angulation correction is required.

• A unique handle designed for placing the abutment on top of the implant

• Maintains the health of the soft tissue

• The connecting screw is located inside the abutment for easy connection with the implant. 

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VIDEO Multi Unit Abutment System


Multi-Unit System



Data sheet
Connection typeIH-Internal Hex Connection


Multi Unit Angled Abutments - Order information


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17° Angled Abutments - Multi Unit - IH

17° angled abutment for AlphaUniverse MultiUnit Abutment System

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