Angled Anatomic Abutment 25° IH

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Angled Anatomic Abutment 25°

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Angled esthetic anatomic abutments (25° angulation) that resemble the natural shape of the tooth. A unique concave design offers aesthetically pleasing results, as well as allowing the gingival tissue to grow perfectly around the narrow neck design.

Product features

• A special design that replicates the anatomic shape of a natural tooth and gum line

• Ensures optimal esthetic and functional results

• Saves chair-time for the prosthodontist and the technician

• Especially designed for pre-molars and molars 


3D Anatomic Abutment

Data sheet
Connection typeIH-Internal Hex Connection
Abutment typeAngulated
MaterialGold anodized titanium


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Angled Anatomic Abutment 25° IH

Angled Anatomic Abutment 25°

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