AlphaLoc Kit

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AlphaLoc Kit - IH Connection

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The AlphaLoc Kit includes :

- 1 Attachment of the given height (make your selection)

- 1 Stainless Steel Metal Housing

- 4 Retentive Caps, 1 Protective Disc

- 1 Laboratory Cap 


The AlphaLoc overdenture-implant attachment system is designed for use with full or partial dentures by endosseous implants in mandible or maxilla. The attachments are made from titanium alloy with TiN coating.

AlphaLoc is an efficient, reliable, cost-effective and long lasting solution.

Please select above the height the length of the attachment in order to order the suitable AlphaLoc Kit.




  See the AlphaLoc brochure




Data sheet
Connection typeIH-Internal Hex Connection


HBC System


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AlphaLoc Kit
AlphaLoc Kit - IH Connection

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